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The proven way to replace missing teeth is with the use of a reliable set of dentures. If you suffer from missing teeth and need a replacement set, Dr. Richard Appleton and his team can provide you with high-quality, durable dentures to last close to a lifetime.

Reliable Replacement Teeth in East Baton Rouge Parish

When teeth are lost due to decay or trauma, replacing them becomes incredibly important. Receiving a reliable restoration for missing teeth prevents the movement of existing teeth and restores dental health and function to the smile.

Dentures allow patients to speak and eat comfortably without the difficulties associated with missing a tooth. Additionally, dentures improve a patient’s esthetic appearance, giving their facial structure a fuller, natural look.

What Makes Dentures from Appleton Prosthodontics Unique?

As part of his commitment to providing quality care, Dr. Appleton only uses what he believes are the best materials in the dentures he supplies for patients. Our practice chooses AvaDent as a primary supplier because dentures provided by this company are produced with greater density than other dentures, boasting improved durability and increased longevity.

The dentures supplied at Appleton Prosthodontics utilize computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology to improve the proficiency of our service. Digital impressions allow us to gather an in-depth blueprint of the structure of teeth without the use of goopy impression material.

Once accomplished, Dr. Appleton works closely with a local lab to ensure our team crafts dentures that fit comfortably and are up to our standard of excellence. While we won’t supply your dentures in a day, we guarantee that the durability, fit, and performance of our dentures are produced with the intent of improving a person’s quality of life.

Additionally, patients can combine dentures with dental implants to generate restorations with improved comfort and performance. Implant-supported dentures come in both removable and fixed versions depending on each individual’s preference.

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Dr. Richard Appleton and his team at Appleton Prosthodontics pride themselves on specializing in the replacement of missing teeth. Call or visit our practice in Baton Rouge and schedule an appointment with Dr. Appleton for your replacement set today!