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Dental Implant Options

Dental Implant Options in Baton Rouge at Appleton Prosthodontics

Finding the right tooth replacement solution can vary from patient to patient - while some simply need to replace a single tooth, other patients can require full arch restoration in order to regain comprehensive dental function. In Baton Rouge, prosthodontist Dr. Richard Appleton and his team work closely with patients to provide comprehensive dental solutions that enhance all aspects of the smile. 

Improving Quality of Life with Trusted Dental Implants

Implant-supported replacement teeth look, feel and function like natural teeth. Our dental specialist in Baton Rouge trusts Nobel when providing patients with implant solutions that last well into the future. 

In addition to replacing single missing teeth, dental implants can be adapted to support more extensive restorations such as bridges and dentures. Continue exploring our section on different tooth replacement options and call our Baton Rouge prosthodontist today to schedule your personalized dental implant consultations.