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Dental Implants, Dentures & Restorative Dentistry in Baton Rouge
Appleton Prosthodontics


Dr. Richard Appleton, DDS, MS and the staff at Appleton Prosthetics are here to serve our patients in the Baton Rouge area with premier restorative dentistry. We specialize in the replacement of broken or missing teeth using comfortable, high-quality prostheses. Our restorations are designed to be functional, reliable, and look beautiful.

  Appleton Prosthodontics in Baton Rouge


"Your smile. Our Specialty."

The American College of Prosthodontics (ACP) provides dentists with expert training and allows them to conduct complex procedures. Dr. Richard Appleton and his staff wholeheartedly believe in their slogan, “working diligently to exceed patients’ expectations with specialized care.”

Appleton Prosthodontics offers routine dental services and provides high-quality replacements for compromised smiles due to missing teeth. Every patient deserves customized care. Dr. Appleton and his staff treat a variety of issues from single-unit restorations to full-mouth reconstructions. Each service is designated to provide a natural-looking, full smile in the least invasive manner.  

Services offered at Appleton Prosthodontics include:

•    General Cleaning & Exams
•    Tooth-colored fillings
•    Crowns and Fixed Bridges
•    Dental Implant Placement and Restoration
•    Partial or Full Denture Repair and Fabrication
•    Veneers
•    Deep-Stain Teeth Whitening

Dr. Appleton can perform all procedures provided by a general dentist. Our doctor specializes in applying customized prosthetics for our patients. Due to his specialized ability, we can offer more extensive treatments to people in the Baton Rouge area. We strive to ensure every one of our clients receives durable restorations that last a lifetime.   

Dedicated to Patient Care

Every first visit with our practice involves a thorough examination of a patient’s dental condition. By collecting as much detail as possible, our dentist can make an accurate diagnosis and create a plan designed to address each oral health need and aesthetic goal. Our in-office lab and dental technicians allow us to shorten treatment time and provide reliable, customized restorations, all from one organization.

We walk patients through several options, offering information and insight into their care. Also, we work with patients to come up with a practical payment plan so they may receive the treatments.

As part of our dedication to comprehensive care, we offer 24-hour emergency availability for our registered patients. Whether a patient’s prosthesis has become displaced or damaged, causing them discomfort, Dr. Richard Appleton stays on-call to provide urgent dental treatment whenever needed.

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For more information about the prosthodontic services we provide, call or visit Appleton Prosthodontics in Baton Rouge today to schedule a consultation. We are located near Oliphant Rd. off Jefferson Highway, second building after entering the parking lot.

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